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AST 7000 NT5

AST 7000 NT5 is an automatic cash in-cash out recycling unit. Designed to guarantee very high performances in counters with many cash transactions, AST 7000 NT5 ensures the security and reliability needed to project open branches, allowing at the same time to speed up cash processing operations.

The teller cash recycler handles the storage, safekeeping (the safe is available in 5 mm, UL291, CEN L, CEN III and CEN IV), and distribution of banknotes through one input pocket.

The unit is equipped with 8 recycling drums with a capacity up to 700 banknotes each; the magazines are conceived with a drum technology. Banknotes’ recognition is performed by CIMA’s sensor BV 5000 employing all the most advanced technologies: magnetic, infrared, fluorescence, ultraviolet, visible light.

It’s possible to have both the authenticity recognition function and the fitness feature; in both cases all solutions are compliant with the regulations of the main Central Banks (Euro currency included).
The very small size and innovative and pleasant look make the unit suitable for any bank environment.

AST 7000 NT5 stores and withdraws banknotes at a speed of 7 and 6 banknotes per second respectively.
To allow an easy service the frame has been conceived in a way that it can be completely removed, so that maintenance can be done in a remote area without interrupting the teller’s normal operations.


  •  Considerable reduction in transactions’ time both in the deposit and withdrawal phase
  • Thanks to its high security level, it makes open branches something really possible 
  • Up to 5.600 banknotes in recycling
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Its small size allows the unit’s installation in any layout
  • It doesn’t require any structural modifications of the counters
  • Real time update of balances and cash in hands
  • It improves productivity and customer service
  • Prevention of human errors thanks to high level authenticity detectors
  • Multicurrency operation
  • Possibility to return the last deposit made
  • It considerably reduces the cash in hand within the branch
  • Provided with software and hardware for the management of alarms and security locks
  • Extremely compact maintenance footprint: possibility of remote servicing
  • Fitness feature available in compliance with the regulations of the main Central Banks
  • When equipped with the fitness feature the banknotes distributed by the unit can be directly fed into ATM devices without using the CIT money
  • Possibility of remote management through the C-Link platform

Software C-Link

C-Link is the innovative software platform for the remote management of the cash handling devices.
This software gives a further added value to CIMA devices, thanks to different services that allow to increase the level of information about one’s own fleet of machines and simplify their management at the same time. The functionalities provided by the platform are:
  • Remote distribution of the firmware updates as well as the recognition sensor: this allows to have a fleet of machines always updated in a short time, without requiring any interventions in the field.
  • Remote monitoring of the status of the devices in real time: this enables to identify possible problems from a remote post, allowing an improvement of the quality of the help-desk service with more certain and detailed information.
  • Remote monitoring of the contents of the devices and of the cash handling in real time: this allows to have always a global vision of the level of use of one’s own devices through suitable reports and statistics.
  • Remote management of the configuration of the devices: any configuration can be carried out from remote post with no need of on-site interventions.
  • Production of the statistics about the handling of unfit banknotes according to the Central Bank current regulation.

C-Link Modules

Software Architecture

C-Link Applied To Retail

C-Link Applied To Bank

Sensor BV-5000

BV 5000 is an authenticity and fitness detector. It was born in 2011 and is fruit of CIMA R&D team. It complies with the regulations of the main Central Banks Euro currency included); the templates have been developed for many non-European currencies, as well as for tickets, vouchers and cheques. BV5000 is a full-image sensor, which combines the most advanced technologies on the market: magnetic, infrared, fluorescence, ultraviolet, visible light.


Technical Specifications

5 mm, UL 291 and CEN L
40 mm (CEN III and CEN IV)

From 165 kg to 480 kg according to the configuration

Voltage 90 – 240 V AC
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Power input 600 W

Serial port RS232 or USB 1.0 port or ethernet


Up to 700 banknotes each drum

• Storage by single denomination with recycling function
• Multi-denomination storage with stocking and recycling function
• Drums’ flexibility

Authenticity compliant with the regulations of the main Central Banks
Possibility of multi-currency operation
Fitness compliant with the regulations of the main Central Banks

Up to 7 banknotes/second

Up to 6 banknotes/second

SIZE OF THE BANKNOTES HANDLED (standard configuration)
Length from 100 mm to 190 mm
Width from 60 mm to 82 mm

• Handling of 20 time bands
• 3 different alarm outputs
• Timed handling of locks

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